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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. we begin with first warning weather coverage. heat warnings on the way. we're bracing for dangerously high temperatures tomorrow. let's go straight over to bob turk for the warnings going into effect, bob. >> reporter: tomorrow and friday the national weather service has issued, will issue beginning at noon tomorrow an excessive heat warning for that entire region. as you can see and down into virginia as well. how hot will it get the next few days? a lot of places close to 100
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degrees as you can see. some places stay in the upper 90s but the only cool spot oakland close to 90 degrees. now, during the next 24 to 48 hours off the east coast high pressure is going to pump in the hottest weather we have seen since last july. so it looks like many places may get just that hot over the next few days. how long is this heat wave going to sit over maryland? i'll have the complete weather in just a few minutes. tonight the british prime minister is fighting back. now phone companies say you can protect yourself from hackers. >> the scandal has a lot of people on the defensive. >> if it's known for anything,
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it's fear. there was a great deal of that in the media scandal. britain's prime minister was in front of parliament both distancing himself from murdoch. >> you live and you learn and believe you me, i have learned. >> reporter: allegations of the scandal came to light when news came that journalists were hacking phones of murder victims victims. >> it cannot go on like this. there will have to be some kind of massive. >> reporter: say prime minister cameron and murdoch have too cozy a relationship. >> our business meetings, official meetings with business executives but also private meetings as well. >> reporter: while the scandal
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is still being accessed there is some that believe it may reach america as well. now, at&t and also sprint are advising its customers if you believe in the united states your phone could be hacked you should set up a password. they say that should prevent anyone from hacking into your phone. >> reporter: scotland yard has set up a line to deal with the surge. a man pulled to safety in north baltimore. found a man in a deep ravine. the man's injuries prompted a special operation to rescue him. the fire department says he's going to be okay. new information tonight with the city cop accused of running a drug on the police department's time. wiretap conversations reveal how brazen the operation was. investigates the inner workings of the plot.
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>> reporter: say couriers would make the 11 hour flight to dull us international, runners would take the drugs to baltimore and that's where the officer comes in. worked with red to get the heroin to street level dealers. >> the couriers made $15,000 per trip. so they made a lot of money off of it. >> reporter: details coded wiretapped conversations. and says you can hear the officer's police radio under some of them. in one detail he tells him, yeah, that's all it's going to be, $200 for me, the rest for you. and the reply, we all eat these get peanuts until we hit the big brake -- break. almost 40 grand worth provided protection to a dealer nicknamed vent. he told her, i mean, the
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officer shouldn't give a blank because i'm on your side. that's a lot of cash. >> we just can't give corps deer to -- corridor to corruption. we will exhaust every means and every resource to eliminating it from our ranks. >> king kong ain't got nothing on me. >> reporter: red says his favorite movie is -- where denzel washington thinks he's above the law. the police say red is not. police arrested 4 other people in connection with this heroin ring. they are all from the baltimore area. at police headquarters. city police contacted the fbi when they first got tipped to the corruption. officer red will be in court friday morning. he could face life in prison. the case sent chills through the community.
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a swim club president nailed for child pornography. now he's headed to prison. he pleaded guilty. the former ceo of pa toneia park pool. last month authorities tracked pictures to his home computer. he must register as a sex offender. the clock is ticking in washington to come to a debt deal. president obama says he would consider a short term solution. a temporary increase in the debt limit could give democrats and republicans extra time. meanwhile the senate is pulling together its own bipartisan plan to slash almost 4 trillion- dollars. congress a ban to charge military members those extra bag fees. but it failed in the house today. the issue got national attention when a group of
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soldiers posted a youtube photo blasting airlines for charging them extra baggage fees. the extreme sports detour kicks off and ticket sales went through the roof. detour is already sold out for friday and saturday. shawn white and other professional athletes will perform. ocean city is expecting crowds equal to a holiday weekend. tickets for the event are still available on ticket master. new advice to catch breast cancer early on. carnival controversy a -- with a kasey anthony theme. an excessive heat warning. how hot will it get? i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,
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it's 82 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the weather forecast is coming up. several people have been rushed to the hospital with
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food poisoning from the ronald mcdonald house. >> vic the call came in just before 9:00 and since then we know 3 people have been rushed to the hospital for some kind of illness. that's after hazmat came to the scene. the baltimore ronald mcdonald house. now of course this is the home away from home for families with young children in the hospital. this is a very busy time of year because kids are out of school and able to make extensive visits. we did speak with a captain from the baltimore fire department. >> we arrived on the scene and realized we had about 7 adults and 3 children that were all suffering from the same type symptoms. we had brought in fire units to
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check for possible co leaks which all of these things have been ruled out at this time. >> reporter: with those ruled out of course right now investigators are trying to figure out why those people are sick. just to recap, 10 people have been rushed to the hospital. we don't know what caused it but firefighters say they all had dinner around the same time. maybe it was food poisoning but they don't want to speculate at this point. we're live at the scene in baltimore, weigh a janning. thank you and stay with wjz and log on to for the latest on this story. in montreal flash flooding is being blamed for an unbelievable scene. heavy rains caused a manhole to erupt violently. the car was flooded and severely damaged when it came crashing back to the ground. new details on how an 8-
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year-old boy was murdered after being abducted off the streets of baltimore. was given a cocktail before being smothered to death. he lured the boy into his home, killed him and then december membered his body. he is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation. during his arraignment major nadal makes a change in his defense team. he will now be defended by 3 military attorneys. he did not enter a plea today. he's charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. the trial is set for march. more disagreement concerning screening for best cancer. a leading doctor's group has released the new guidelines. says that women should get mammograms starting at age 40. they say early detection is
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vital. this goes against a 2009 government panel which advised routine screening shouldn't start until the age of 50. a maryland man who died 8 times on the operating table wants you to do what others did to save his life. jessica has the amazing survival story. now the national face for the red cross asking for your donation at a time when blood supplies are dangerously low. >> his body was shattered. >> shattered pelvis, ribs, collapsed lungs. every organ was damaged. >> reporter: that was then, this is now. 7 years ago bryan boil was a healthy athletic teenager. he never thought he would need the red cross to save his life. >> i would say it was about 50 blood donors helped to keep me
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alive. >> reporter: an accident nearly killed him. incredibly bryan now carries the title of iron man three times over. >> people think i'm kind of crazy because i'm going up to these races for the iron man, 50 miles, but to me it's the adventure of living. >> reporter: when you are competing and you are running marathons, what are you thinking about the whole time. >> i always think about what i've been through. especially the blood donors. i've never met these people but their selfless acts of kindness kept me alive. >> reporter: he's alive today because of blood donations and now he wants you to step up. >> make a life saving donation and help give someone the chance for tomorrow. >> reporter: are running at one of the most crucial times. already in may and june
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donations are at a critical low. the red cross collects more than 6 million units of blood annually but donations are 6% lower than what's typically seen this year and someone in america needs blood every two seconds. >> bryan's message is so compels, there's a very real need and immediate need for patients like bryan. his story is a great example of just how important a donation can be. >> did you ever think why did i have to go through this? >> maybe it was so i could have an impact. >> reporter: jessica cartela. to schedule a blood donation apayment, you can call -- appointment, you can call the red cross. the blue grass fair found a
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way for people to take out their frustration over casey anthony verdict. >> you must think i'm guilty, too. >> reporter: they set up a dunk tank setting up a casey anthony tank. fair organizers shut it down after just 2 days. in australia 2 dogs didn't think sharks were too much of a distraction. the dogs look to be rounding up the sharks and even riding one like a surf board. the sharks swam off while the canines emerged i emerged kings of the beasts. >> that's amazing. >> it really is. in the water would be a nice place to be, not with the sharks but somewhere with cool water because the next few days are going to be extremely hot. 82 still.
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humidity up to 79%. winds very light now in the barometer has been rising just a tad. 93/73 today. actually it was a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. the record today 1930. right now at 82. 80 at ocean city. 72 in oakland. 84 in cumberland and 86 still in washington dc. locally a few spots reporting upper 70s. otherwise 80 until 80 in the region. light southwest winds is going to keep the heat going. excessive heat warnings for the next 2 days, may even be extend to do saturday because of the combination of high temperatures near 100 and high humidity. together it means you can't
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really perspire. the way you actually may feel may get up to 110. so police -- please be careful. all the activity going up to the north, that's the boundary line. but we're not going to see that for a while. not until early next week, maybe by monday or tuesday. right now, not much going on. a few widely scattered showers did pop up but nothing to speak of. late sunday night a frontal approaches, maybe a shower. there could be one on friday hopefully but it stays hot and humid until next week. the tropics sending a weak tropical storm way out here in the north atlantic. right off the coast also moving quickly will not impact any land areas whatsoever. 80 degrees, pretty nice and
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warm. tonight then, 75 if we're lucky. clear, warm and haze. 98, maybe 100 in a couple of spots so it's going to feel a lot hotter. the next couple of days, 90 degrees on friday. 96 and then finally a thunderstorm possible down to 92 on monday. vic. thank you, bob. check in with meteorologist tim williams tomorrow beginning at 4:55 t. football forecast calls for a labor agreement soon. mark has more next in sports. woman: saving for our child's,, college fund was getting expensive.
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>> i think we're just about there. the heying's top -- league's top lawyer says a deal can close. and while the players put on a deal, the owners will likely vote tomorrow. is going to be in contact with roger goodell tonight. all 32 teams in washington dc. the players will probably vote tomorrow. they say they are not in a rush. we got the thoughts of raven safety reed at his camp. >> i'm ready to get back to work like a lot of my colleagues. but we want to make sure that the deal fits us perfectly. or should i say right. it probably won't be perfect but we want to make sure the deal fit us right. >> reporter: on hand to help with the coaching kids today. in baseball what's the difference between the orioles and the red sox?
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at the moment it's nearly a 20 game difference. that's a lot. umpires feeling the heat. orioles hitters, not so hot. into the 6th inning, first batters managed a grand will total of just 2 hits today. no runs with that. boston's jack observey, both of his hits were homeruns. here's the second. elsbury -- they take 2 of 3 from the os. >> a lot of guys in the lineup look pretty good right now. elsbury, he's the guy that hurt me today. it's a tough loss. it would have been nice to win the series but just wasn't able to get it done. >> reporter: former al -- finished off the job. orioles take the day off.
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same score similar story, tampa bay tonight. the yankees as their homerun man, 26 homers for grander son this season. he does more than hit. he made a catch in center field against evan longoria. maybe a collective bargaining deal by tomorrow, let's hope. just when you thought you had seen everything from the beetles, has uncovered the verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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beetles fans are happy all over again. the i am annals were -- images
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were taken during the group's first u.s. concert. kristy's will auction off each photo individually. they are estimated to bring in $100,000. during this heat wave we all wouldn't mind alt bit of christmas and that's what visitors to opry land got. opry land has already started putting up their christmas decorations because they plan to strand 2 million lights on their trees. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,
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